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How to take Care of Your Teeth Health Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential to the health of your teeth and gums. Brushing twice a day and going to the dentist regularly are part of the process. However, oral health encompasses more than tooth decay and gum disease. According to studies, the health of a person’s mouth is linked to their overall health. In the eyes of experts, oral health issues are a worldwide public health concern a source you

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The source of most wellness is stress

How Physical Therapy Can Keep You Youthful   Ageing, believe it or not, is reversible. We are not claiming that you can avoid all of the impacts of time, but you can reduce ageing by keeping your body young. Physical therapy assists people in maintaining their fitness throughout their life.   Stress Relief A prolonged period of stress causes our body’s reserves to diminish, progressively making us more susceptible to specific ailments. We can define stress as the uncontrolled responses

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